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Why Do We Pray?

What a great question I was asked by a child desiring a relationship with their Heavenly Father. God already knows what we are going to ask for and God knows what is on our heart. Do we believe that our prayers will change God’s plans and circumstances? Is there another reason for us to pray? When we pray, our attention should be on God and when our attention is on God we are glorifying Him. Prayer is a form of worship and learning to dialogue with the father is training us to be in constant communication with Him. God takes great pleasure in having a close relationship with his children and prayer is where it starts.

Jesus showed us an example where his prayer for one thing turned into glorification of God. On the night He was betrayed, He asked God to “take this cup from me.” Jesus made a request to His Father, but he followed it with ‘Thy will be done.” Jesus desired God’s will, more than His own. As followers of Jesus, we should follow the same model of presenting our requests to God in prayer but desire His will more. When we do that, we will get the opportunity to watch God do amazing things.