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Eyes on the Prize

Years ago, in the Soviet Union, the Communist party tried to eradicate religious belief – with no success. If they’d paid attention to history, they would’ve known that persecution just makes the Church stronger. Their other mistake was that they severely underestimated the faith of their own people, especially the babushkas (or grandmothers).

One Sunday morning, KGB agents were sent out to some of the known churches. One agent was struck by the devotion of an elderly woman who was kissing the feet of a life-sized carving of Christ on the cross. “Babushka,” he said. “Are you also prepared to kiss the feet of the beloved general secretary of our great Communist party?” “Why, of course,” came the immediate reply. “But only if you crucify him first.”

There will always be forces present in the world that seek to disrupt our faith. Sometimes they are obvious. But more often than not, they’re subtle. Sometimes the very culture in which we live can lead us to turn from God. Other times we erect idols in our own hearts without even
realizing it.

Like those faithful babushkas, may we keep our eyes on the prize of the upward call of God in Jesus Christ!