Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

Last month, before Christmas, one Sunday morning we were running a little late, and so I was anxiously in a hurry to get to church. I got Ollie all buckled in to his car seat, everybody got in, and I zoomed out of the garage! But the problem was that I had failed to close Ollie’s car door… Which means I jammed it right into the wall of the garage, hurting Stephanie’s car, and breaking the wall of my garage all in one fell swoop… So with the wall of the garage flapping in the wind, we hopped over into my car instead and went off to church. I was really not sure what to do about the house. We’d have to find some handy guy, and file something with the insurance or something…

But let me tell you the cool thing about the church. After having talked about it, mildly-exasperatedly, with a few people at church that morning, by the time we got home after church, there were two great church guys already at work on the house. It took em an hour and a half, and the thing I was so worried about was fixed. Amazing.

I’ve been thinking lately, I am so thankful…not just for those two guys, but for the church. You people, giving of yourselves, doing good, caring for others, shining light. I could tell you a few more stories on the good people here at FCC if I had room! But, I just wanna say thank you to you all, for your work, and your compassion, and hands and feet that work for good in the world. Be assured, your work is a gift and a blessing for the world!