Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

Jesus People

I recently heard a story about a church that was looking for a new pastor. The leaders of the church sat down with their regional minister and she asked them what they wanted in their new pastor. “Someone who can attract young families,” they all agreed. The regional minister asked, “What is it about your church that attracts young families now?” They couldn’t think of anything. The regional minister continued, “Well, what attracted you to this church?” One responded, “It was the sense of belonging.” Another said, “It was the chance to help other people.” The regional minister paused and said, “You know, young families can find those things outside of a church. What do you offer that a youth sports league or service group couldn’t offer just as well?” When the group fell silent again, the regional minister explained that it’s Jesus and the opportunity to become authentic disciples that sets the church apart from every other group.

It turns out that the Good News of Jesus Christ (and his love) is still the greatest evangelism tool in the church’s toolbox. How has Jesus changed your life? Perhaps there’s someone in your orbit that needs to hear that Good News, too.