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Agent Lovelight

This past week, Mom and I found a bag of my sister’s clothing; I kept a couple items.

Sunday, words from Saturday’s sermon rang in my memory “the light reveals things we couldn’t or didn’t want to see before”. A black shirt at home did not reveal what sunlight in the church parking lot did – dog hairs from my sister’s beloved pug! Initially I was reminded of what joy Herky brought to my sister. But then – could I get to my office without others noticing?

We are agents of God’s light and love – especially to those who don’t feel they “have it all together” or that church requires perfection. God calls the imperfect to love others perfectly, while being evidence in the world of a life that has been changed.

As I removed dog hairs from my outfit, I thought of the hurts I’ve prayed for, the moments I have sought forgiveness, and the honor to pray over others in times of sorrow, worry and joy. Being at worship, involved in ministry groups, youth groups and small groups helped me learn how.

How are you learning to be an agent of love, salt and light in our world?