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Baby Jesus

When it comes to Christmas, I think a lot of folks are like Ricky Bobby in the movie Talladega Nights, the dim-witted racecar driver who always prays to the baby Jesus. When he bows in prayer with his family, he prays: “Lord Baby Jesus, watching your Baby Einstein videos, still learning your colors and shapes… thank you for our bountiful abundance.” When his wife quietly reminds him that Jesus actually did grow up – Ricky Bobby says he still prefers to think of Jesus as a baby.

Of course, we all know that Jesus grew up. We know that God calls us to grow up, as well. But contemplate for a moment the genius of Christmas. How better to capture the hearts of humankind than to come among us as a baby? I agree with Ricky Bobby – the baby Jesus is worthy of worship. Who wouldn’t want to take the baby Jesus into their arms and love him? But, you see, that’s just the idea. As the poet, George White, wrote: “Watch your step as you take this Bethlehem baby into your arms and whisper to him… You may find him taking you into his arms, and whispering new life into you.” May it be so.