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Deep Gladness

People who study trends in today’s churches have made one thing clear: the greatest indicator of a church that is alive and growing isn’t its doctrine or the size of its building or even how well the preacher might preach. The greatest indicator of a healthy church is the level of participation. The greater the number of “ministers” with practicing ministries, the greater the health and growth.

I am proud to be the pastor of a church that is filled with ministers. Everywhere I look I see people who are engaged in ministry. People are coming and going all week long – and they are engaging in real ministry. Some folks love to offer hospitality – and we see them serving as greeters, at bereavement dinners, or even in the kitchen at Starting Point. Others like the hands-on work provided by mission trips or taking care of our building and property. Others like to work with people, or teach, or organize. The variety of ministries available are literally as varied as we are.

Fredrich Buechner once wrote, “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” Have you found that place for you?