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Free Re-fills!

This past Sunday, I spoke about Billy Sunday’s big revival in Keokuk in the fall of 1904. According to a 114-year-old First Christian Church directory, Rev. Sunday wouldn’t come to Keokuk unless he had the unanimous support of local pastors. He knew that after his revival tent was taken down, it would be up to the Keokuk churches to carry on.

It reminded me of an old story about a man who could always be counted on to go down the aisle at revivals. Every time a new evangelist would come to town he would go forward and yell, “Fill me, Jesus! Fill me, Jesus!” And for a while, he would live just like he knew he should. But in time he would lose his excitement and be right back where he was before. Eventually people became cynical. One time, when he was doing his thing, and yelling, “Fill me, Jesus! Fill me, Jesus!” a lady at the back of the church shouted, “Don’t do it, Lord! He leaks!”

That is one of the great problems of the Christian life: we leak! We need to be replenished every day in prayer and every Sabbath in worship. So, join us this weekend and be re-filled!