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The Best Friend Relationship

God has big dreams for us and created us to personally have a relationship with Him. We are called to know and trust the voice of our shepherd so we can listen and follow Him. But if we cannot identify what His voice specifically sounds like to us, we can’t respond. Chances are, if you have an experience with God you will change. Your relationship with Jesus will build and your faith will grow leaving you wanting more of Christ in your life. The Spiritual Retreat youth were exposed to Havilah Cunnington’s 4 Ways God Wants to Relate to You. They learned that they can hear God’s voice in words and songs, they can know in their mind what God is saying to them is true and to walk in that wisdom not lies, they can feel and experience the emotions of God with a cheerful heart, and they can see pictures, dreams and visions that will fill them with faith and give them direction so they don’t stumble. Once you explore who God is, you’ll have an anchor to move forward and spend more time with Him as he shares His special plan He has ready for you!