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Grassy Paths

For disciples of Jesus, living faithfully is something we do both alone and together. In other words, we each need to take time to go into our closet and pray privately, but we also need to take our place in the community of faith. One supports the other!

I read a story recently about some of the earliest converts to Christianity in Africa that’s a beautiful illustration of this. Some of these early African disciples were very regular in their private devotions. In one village, each person had their own spot in the thicket outside the village where they would go to pray. After a while, it became clear where those spots were because of the well-worn paths. But it also became apparent when any one began to miss their prayer time. When that happened, they would gently remind each other: “Brother, the grass grows on your path yonder.”

We most certainly need God in our lives. And it turns out we also need each other to stay focused on that goal. So, keep your eyes on Jesus – and come and join us at First Christian so the grass doesn’t “grow up yonder” on any of our paths.