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A Spiritual Audit

There are two topics Jesus loved to talk about that a lot of people consider to be off limits: forgiveness and money. It’s kind of like when they say the preacher has stopped preachin’ and gone to meddlin’. Jesus was fond of meddlin’.

First of all, Jesus knew that we couldn’t live as authentic disciples if we held resentments and grudges in our hearts. Either we forgive or, as the Lord’s Prayer tells us, we are not forgiven. It can’t be any more serious than that.

Likewise, Jesus also emphasized our relationship with money. In fact, the only thing he talked about more was the Kingdom of God. Even “love” took a second place. Once again, I believe Jesus understood there are certain things that can become a serious barrier in our relationship with God.

Money is critical to our well-being. It also represents our security. It’s not surprising Jesus warned that money might become an idol for us. Without diligence, most of us would become servants of mammon, instead of vice versa.

So, as hard as it might be, I encourage you to do a regular spiritual audit in these two areas. Where might you need to take action?