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What Do You Love About First Christian Church?!

I’d really love it if you’d answer this question for me, for yourselves. Get a pen, or put your fingers to your keys and hit post… What do you love about First Christian Church!?

What we feel, think, and say about our church is really important. I happen to love our church. And there are a million reasons…

I personally have been so well loved and welcomed in the church. Hospitality is a spiritual gift, and I’ve seen the gift play out for others on countless occasions. Thank you for hearing God’s call to lovingly welcome all, as we are.

I personally see humble, faithful servants of God walking the halls, worshipping on Sunday mornings (and Saturday nights!) coming to Wednesday LIFE groups. It is a joy to see the church alive, and living a humble life with God. It’s pleasing to God, to see the church alive in the Fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control). It’s not only pleasing to God, it’s also contagious. Thank you.

I love to see the church’s compassion, and dedication to caring for others in this community and throughout the world. It’s an integral part of following Jesus, to be outward and service oriented. I see it over and over, but just recently I’ve seen it, in the great number of donations given to fill backpacks for children in our community who need help with meals on the weekend; in making and giving hats and gloves for children who need them; in faithfully giving financial gifts to serve those most in need throughout the world; and the list could go on. Thank you church!

So tell me. What do you love about First Christian Church!? What is it about our church that makes it worth showing up?