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Facebook Official

I’m always a little surprised when I learn that someone doesn’t participate in any kind of social media. I do understand, though. I became a reluctant member of Facebook when my son and sister-in-law created an account in my name more than
10 years ago.

Facebook has simply become a part of life and, for me, another avenue of ministry. I often learn things from Facebook that I might not have known otherwise. Facebook is also an effective way of making personal announcements to the world. For instance, when a couple has been dating for a while, they will often decide to make it “Facebook Official,” by changing their relationship status.

Unfortunately, social media also has a dark side. It can be used to bully others. It often serves as a flashpoint for conflict among friends and family. And, perhaps worst of all, it can feed our narcissism and vanity.

The Apostle Paul once wrote, “Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus… who humbled himself even unto death on a cross.” My prayer for you is that your life (and your Facebook feed…) might always be a reflection of the humility and love of our Savior.