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Thy Word

One of the goals I set for myself for the past 30 days was to have intentional, daily, sitting down with my Bible, not hindered by a schedule. While I enjoy receiving a daily Bible verse via my phone, and e-mail devotionals have arrived at just the moment I’ve needed them, to have that “turning the pages with anticipation reading time” had been escaping me.

It’s hard to confess that.

As I was experiencing the book of Ecclesiastes, this study note spoke to me…”Worship without obedience to God in everyday life is inadequate, feeble and offensive to him.”

Duly underlined with a wee bit of an “ouch” to my soul.

A dear friend had given me a book to enjoy (and encourage me to sit/rest, I’m afraid – thanks again!) titled “The Last Lecture”. I highly recommend it. I wrote down things that moved me as I read, and one was “The glimpse someone gets of you, on any given day, might be the reminder to someone else of what life’s all about.”

May I have another band-aid for the soul, please and thank you?

We each have “behind the scenes” moments that make up our daily living. Coming to church is great, but really getting to know God through the Bible so that we can be the glimpse of what life with Jesus is really, day-to-day, moment-to-moment like…that, my friends, is living a Behind the Scenes life we wouldn’t mind anyone having a glimpse of.

(Need a Bible to start your daily reading experience? Stop by – we’d be happy to give you one!)