Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

Making Adjustments

Being a good father, husband or employee isn’t something you decide to do once – and then it’s done. It’s a choice you make every day. No matter how far you’ve already come, there’s always room for improvement. And, generally speaking, the improvements you make aren’t big ones, but lots of little ones.

This past spring, I set about clearing some brush on a hillside where I live. I’d never done anything like it before. I got what I thought were the right tools and got started. In the course of clearing the hillside, I learned a lot – and was probably lucky I didn’t hurt myself. This fall I’m planning to do some more – and will use what I learned earlier to get the job done faster and more safely.

Living as a disciple of Jesus is also an ongoing process. Every day is an opportunity to learn and grow in faith and service. The ones who do it best are always making little adjustments. They’re never rigid, but always seeking to follow in footsteps of the Master.

I am glad to share the journey with you as we seek to be more like Jesus – making necessary adjustments as we go!