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You Are Loved…

If you could see yourself through God’s eyes for even just a moment, it would change everything. It’s like the story of the man who decided to sell his farm. He hired an advertising company to write an advertisement describing the property. When the farmer heard the statement read, he said, “I’d like to hear that again.” So, the statement was read once more. The farmer then said: “Forget it. I’m not going to sell.” When the man asked why, the farmer replied: “Well, I’ve always wanted to own a place like that.”

If we could see ourselves through God’s eyes, we’d say the same thing. If we could see the potential and the goodness God sees in us, we would say: “Wait a minute, I want to be that person.”

Something I’ve noticed is that when a person has a life-changing experience of God, they suddenly stop thinking about themselves in negative terms. The negative and condemning voices are silenced and one voice rises above them all: “You are my beloved child.” As disciples of Jesus, we find our identity not in sickness and sin – but in God’s love and grace. Is it time for you to reconnect with the One who loves you?