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The Master Gardener

The weather in Southeast Iowa has been amazing this year! The last two weekends we’ve had temperatures around 70 degrees, which has taken away any excuse for not doing some much needed yard work.

You see, I have a stand of pine trees along my property that has needed attention ever since I moved in. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I got into the thick of it. After what I’m guessing is a decade or more of neglect, there were trees growing up in the middle of my pines that were close to 30 feet tall. One tree had several vines growing up into it that were so thick they could only be cut by a chainsaw.

Of course, a little ongoing care would have prevented my landscape from becoming such a mess. And it occurs to me the same is true for our spiritual lives. Months and years of neglect can lead to minor problems growing into serious ones.

Jesus once said that some of our branches need to be pruned so that others can bear fruit. Don’t wait until the good stuff is dying off to call on the Master Gardener. He’s ready to go to work right now.