Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

Buzz of Activity…

One of the things we looked forward to with our move to 3476 Main was the ability to open our church to the community. The doors are constantly opening and closing with a buzz of activity. With the recent closing of Lake Cooper, we have found ourselves even busier hosts.

A building usage committee was formed to set guidelines and fees for usage. While members are welcome to use the facility at no charge, we do ask a $50 deposit, which is returned if the room is returned to its original condition.

Why do we charge a fee to the community? We use the fees to offset utility usage, supplies for the restrooms, and janitorial services while also keeping in mind the wear and tear to equipment, tables, chairs, and flooring. Special requests can (and do) go to the committee for fee waivers. One example is the special needs prom. The fees we generate through this ministry also allow us to expand our mission of being and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through our Outreach Ministry.

If you have a special event and would like to use the church, please contact the church office to confirm a date and get “penciled in” as soon as possible!