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Going Outside Our Box…

We all have our comfort zone inside our box. Going outside our box is a little bit scary for most of us. It wasn’t until about six years ago I really found myself doing just that, going outside my comfort zone. Yes, I was slightly scared, but God was with me and guiding me through and I succeeded in my mission, standing up in front of a group of people.

Fast forward six years and here I am about to really do something outside my box and comfort zone. I love to sing and believe that I can truly sing well! Now, most people wouldn’t agree (especially my family) when they hear me sing the song “Happy Birthday” to them. My husband and I attend Saturday Night Alive (SNA) worship service with the praise band. I sing along as if I should be asked to join the praise band as a backup singer. Usually the joke is on me! Well, I was asked to sing in our Easter Cantata! Yes I was and I didn’t hesitate to say “YES!” What was I thinking? I wasn’t! God answered for me as HE knows my love for music and my fear of “going outside my box!”