Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

Journey Into the World with Color

This past Sunday I asked Pastor David if I could do something different with the power points in the traditional services. I did the slides without adding color. Boring, right? I wanted to show that Jesus is our color. Jesus is our light. Jesus is our everything. Without color (Jesus) in our lives, what a blah world it would be.

God made a solemn promise to us many years ago. And God gave us something to remind us of that promise: a rainbow. Do you know what each color in the rainbow means? I found something that explains it: Red represents the blood Jesus shed for us; yellow is for God’s perfect light, the sun so bright. Orange is coming from night into life thru Jesus. Green reminds us that God created the earth and trees; it represents the new life we have in Jesus. Blue represents the color of water reminding us of the baptism that identifies us with Jesus. Black represents our sins and God’s darkest day. Purple is for Jesus’ hours of sorrow, so we can gain the crown of life. Pink is for our new tomorrows. White represents God’s purity and the cleansing of our sins thru God’s grace.

The rainbow is our sign of God’s promise, that he will guide us thru any storm. Now go journey into the world and share the good news that God’s rainbow is coming, and He is there for us!