Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

On a Mission from God

Last Wednesday evening, two of our elders went to a local laundromat for their first attempt at a new ministry called “Loads of Love.” Their goal is to spend a couple of hours (several times a month) helping local families do their laundry – and paying for up to two loads.

Initially, the folks at the laundromat weren’t too sure what to make of these two women wearing nametags that said, “Hello! I’m on a mission from God!” But before long, our missionaries were laughing and talking with everyone there. It wound up being a very successful evening and they hope to do it again soon.

This morning, I heard about another idea for ministry that came about when one of our families held a birthday party at a city park and became aware of kids in our community that are hungry. In the near future, our youth may be joining our laundry ladies on a new mission!

This year, our theme is “Journey with Jesus into the World.” God’s mission doesn’t end at the doorsteps of the church – it begins there. I can’t wait to hear about new ideas for taking our ministry into the streets of Keokuk and the
tri-state area!