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Christianity is Like Being a Pumpkin

Out of ALL the pumpkins in the patch, God picks you! He isn’t looking for the perfect size or shape, he chooses you even with scars, bruises and broken hearts! He washes off the dirt so you are free from sin. He cuts off the top and is ready to start digging away the yuck in your life, all the sticky situations, fears and memories that won’t go away. With this scraped away, you are free to be who your Lord and personal Savior wants you to be! Jesus removes each seed of sin – doubt, jealously, hate, anger, worry, greed etc. that needs to be roasted into seeds of forgiveness. When all the clutter is clear, Jesus is ready to start carving- love, joy, peace, self-worth; all the qualities that turn your life from just a pumpkin into a new purpose Jack-o-lantern. Jesus will start a fire in your heart, one that will keep glowing for the whole world to see. Allow His light to shine through your actions and words as you journey out of the pumpkin patch into the world with Jesus.