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Keokuk & Galilee

When I first moved to Keokuk, my brother-in-law (who grew up on a farm outside Ottumwa) bought me a Carhartt work coat and a John Deere stocking cap. I know he’ll be glad to hear my transformation into a true resident of S.E. Iowa is now complete. As of today, I am the proud owner of a new (to me) pickup truck!

I don’t know if you’ve heard me say this lately, but I love living and serving in Keokuk and the tri-state area. Of course, I was already an Iowa boy. But even more importantly, I love the values and character of the folks who have made this part of the world their home.

I love to remind people that for Jesus, the real action wasn’t at the temple or in the capital city, but miles and miles away in an almost-overlooked part of Israel called Galilee. It was in Galilee that Jesus grew up, began his ministry, and called his first disciples. And it was in Galilee that Jesus first appeared to his disciples after the resurrection.

Jesus does his best work in places like Galilee and Keokuk – way off the beaten track. Indeed, so far off the beaten track it sometimes even requires a 4×4!