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Who Do You Work For? (A Parable)

The story goes that many years ago two men were working in a railroad yard swinging sledgehammers. They stopped a moment to notice a train moving slowly through the yard. The engine stopped and a man in a suit stuck his head out the window and said, “Charlie, is that you?” One of the workers put down his sledge and said, “Joe, I haven’t seen you…” And the other man said, “In twenty-five years! Come in out of the sun so we can talk.” The worker wiped the sweat off his forehead and went into the car. About a half hour later he came out.
As the train was leaving, the other worker asked, “Wasn’t that the president of the railroad?” Charlie replied, “Yep, we started working together twenty five years ago out here in the yard.” The other worker asked, “Then, how come he’s the president and you’re still here?” Charlie said, “Twenty-five years ago, I came to work for $1.25 an hour, but he came to work for the railroad!”
For who and what do you work? Your answer will not only have an impact on your future – it will have an impact on the world.