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Raising the Roof!

I’m sure you’ve noticed the stained ceiling blocks – or no ceiling blocks with lots of buckets sitting around – like in my office! It’s time to replace our current roof which is the existing Wal-Mart roof from the early 90’s (plus one overlay). It’s been a good roof, but the time has come.

Hats off to the Building & Property team (John Blacksmith, chair) for doing their due diligence in seeking an excellent contractor and bid. Bids ranged from our accepted bid of $218,320 from Frank Millard & Company to nearly one-half million dollars!

As we kick off our 2016 Stewardship campaign, you will be asked in the very near future to consider your tithe as well as a contribution to not only the capital campaign (our current building loan), but to the roof campaign as well. Your Estimate of Faith Cards will be arriving soon!

As we begin our stewardship “season,” please pray for the 2016 campaign. It’s our obligation to handle God’s money with care. So, plan, pray & give!