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Answering the Call!

Years ago, I remember reading about a guy in California who was so bored he sat down in a lawn chair with a case of beer, pellet gun, CB radio, altimeter, and then had a friend attach 40 large, helium filled weather balloons. At 15,000 feet he floated into the flight path of the L.A. airport and startled a 747 pilot who called the tower to warn them about a guy floating by in a lawn chair. Eventually, he began popping the balloons and floated back safely to the ground – where a lot of people were waiting for him.

Occasionally, we all feel the need for something more in our lives. I believe those feelings of restlessness and boredom are often a sign God is calling us to live in a deeper way. Sometimes we misinterpret that call and respond in ways that aren’t helpful or healthy. But if we are wise, we allow those feelings to guide us into a more intimate relationship with God and a more profound commitment to loving service.

God IS calling you – because that is what God does. Join us this fall at First Christian as we respond together to God’s loving, thrilling call!