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The Last Word

Last fall, I attended a seminar on church leadership called “Momentum.” One of the speakers from the host church mentioned in passing that the Sunday when everybody “falls back” an hour for daylight savings time is one of their highest attendance Sundays of the year. As I thought about our own worship attendance, I realized the same was true for us.

Well, what daylight savings time gives, it also takes away. Apparently, many churches notice on the day everybody “springs forward” an hour, worship attendance mysteriously drops off. Hmmmm. Even on a beautiful Sunday (following several snowy weekends), not nearly as many folks found their way to church as might have been expected.

What this tells me is that human behavior is more influenced by external factors than most of us would like to admit. In other words, we are sadly predictable in what we do. We follow the path of least resistance, sometimes without even realizing it.

This weekend, the message will be about “Living in the Light.” As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to a path that is often at odds with the world. I look forward to seeing you there – this time after a good night’s sleep!