Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

Behind the Scenes from the Staff

I’ve so enjoyed our time throughout this Lenten season being in our class of young adults during the process of discovering each of our SHAPE’s for ministry. Everyone is gifted uniquely by the Spirit, everyone has different passions, abilities, personalities and experiences. And it’s beautiful to see how God’s people may be used in different ways in our world, each according to their strengths.

In 1st Peter 2, it reminds us that “We are all ministers, as many of us as are Christians.” Each individual here at First Christian is not just a member, not just someone who comes to church, but ministers. Each of us are ministers who go out with our unique giftedness to different places of ministry throughout this tri-state area. How exciting! The possibilities for ministry are expansive!

While this all certainly takes hard work, prayer, and a willingness to listen to God’s call to work in the world, God joins us in the tasks of ministry and works through each of us. This means blessings for those in the world around us. This means new eyes opened to the ways of Christ in the world. Praise God, and thank you for answering God’s call.