Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

On A Mission For Jesus

As I sat down to log in to Charity Tracker, I said aloud, “Let’s be On A Mission For Jesus for a while!” What I meant was that I was going to set aside the next hour or so working towards this program that is so important for our community.

Then the small voice inside said, “Oh for more hands, more time, more people to be on a mission for Me”.

Now that is my prayer. I thank God for our On a Mission for Jesus program. I am mindful of whom and to Whom our mission, our journey should be. I pray that we are more mindful of our daily blessings.

Please begin praying now about how God will use you to bless others through On A Mission for Jesus. Talk to family and friends about joining you. Our On A Mission For Jesus program will launch November 22 & 23. In the meantime, decide that your heart will daily be on a mission for Him!