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The Last Word

One Halloween, when my kids were little, we made the rounds on beggar’s night and then sat down on our front steps to help pass out candy. A few minutes later we saw death coming up the street. Actually, what we saw was a little boy and his father, both dressed up like the grim reaper. The little boy with his plastic scythe and skeleton mask was kind of cute. But the big grim reaper that waited for him on the sidewalk was another story.

As Death and his little apprentice approached our house, we kept telling them, “Don’t stop at our house. We’re not ready yet.” But they stopped anyway. And as the little grim reaper was collecting his candy, the big grim reaper out on the sidewalk silently raised his arm and motioned to us with one long bony finger.

All Hallow’s Eve falls once again on Friday of this week. But more importantly, All Saint’s Day follows immediately after. Both point to the victory we have in Jesus Christ – a victory that allows us to live fearlessly even under the shadow of death. Come this weekend, and every weekend, as we celebrate the joy and life we find in Jesus Christ!