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The God of Restoration

Lately, refinishing doors has been my project.  I have been sanding to remove varnish but leaving the stain and adding new polyurethane.  After sanding the first door, it looked damaged beyond repair.  I reluctantly went to my husband to admit my error.  He walked out of the room, got a rag and some water, and wiped down the door.  Immediately the grain and character of the wood began to shine through!  I was so relieved.  After a good cleaning with tack cloth, I applied the first coat of poly.  A light sanding and an additional coat brought the door to a beauty I had seriously doubted was possible.  Steve came to check on the progress; I commented that the poly was like Jesus – each coat made the door more beautiful!  Life can make us feel damaged beyond repair.  But God offers us the chance to be wiped clean! Whether through confession of faith and baptism, or through a prayer seeking God’s help and forgiveness, as we listen to and live by the words and actions of Jesus, we find ourselves more beautiful!  Thank you, God, for never giving up on us, even when we need restored!