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In One Ear

This week, I’m preparing a sermon on a story from Exodus in which God’s people grumble about their circumstances.  We’ll be exploring the world’s resistance (and our own) to God’s call to trust and faith.

I ran across a funny story about a lawyer, a doctor, and a preacher who went deer hunting together.  The three of them saw a big buck at the same time and fired.  Immediately, the buck dropped to the ground.  When they examined the deer, they couldn’t figure out whose shot had killed it.  They were in the middle of a heated argument when a game warden came along.  The warden took one look at the buck and pronounced, “The preacher shot the buck!”  They asked him how he could know that so quickly.  He replied, “Easy.  The bullet went in one ear and out the other.”

            As someone who also doesn’t always learn as fast as I should – I’m glad God has patience with us, just as he did with those grumbling Israelites.  But God’s patience doesn’t give us license to continue in disobedience.  This weekend we’ll have another opportunity to hear God’s truth for us – and respond in faith.  I hope to see you there!