Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

With Thanks

With thanks I give to our Pastors of our church for all they do on a regular daily basis.

            Senior Pastor David Turner: We share almost the same date of birth. He is a day older than I! He has a generous heart, he brings the Word every weekend, he is full of grace and truth.

            Worship Pastor Brian Nixon: He too, is full of grace and truth. Works every week to bring us wonderful music for two of our services, leading practices and always making sure our Praise Band is in “tune” for Saturday Night Alive and 11:11 worship services.

            Youth Minister Janel Quinlan: Janel is a fast pace Youth Minister using all of  her abilities to help Small Groups/Nursery/Sunday School etc. run as smooth as possible. She has a huge heart and always wanting to learn more. She is an added bonus to our church.

            Connections Pastor Cathie Courtois: Cathie does so much in a small amount of time allotted. She Connects w/newcomers, sends out cards of acknowledgement to our out of town guests. Helps with God’s Way meal, just to name a few.

            Thank you all for your friendship and Godliness you show to all of us. God Bless~