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A Step of Faith

A few years ago, Travelers Insurance came out with a series of commercials that showed how what we think we see isn’t always the whole story. For instance, in one scene they showed a canoe being paddled across a calm lake. Underneath this peaceful image read the words, “This is not a canoe; it’s an aerobic workout before breakfast.” Another one showed a combine being driven down a country road. Under it read, “This is not a farmer, it’s an investor driving his capital investment.”

I can imagine the same thing being done with scenes from the Bible. For instance, one might show a group of working-class men sitting around the feet of their teacher. The caption could read: “This is not a group of Jewish fishermen listening to their rabbi; it’s the beginning of a movement that will outlast the Roman Empire and change the course of history.”

Things are not always as they seem on the surface, even in our lives. The little things we do now can have a big long-term impact – especially when it comes to our faith. So, plan now to come to worship! Join a LIFE group! Celebrate Jubilee – and change your story for good!