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Coming Soon!

When I was a kid, it seemed like Christmas would never arrive. Nowadays, as soon as the calendar flips to December, I feel the panic beginning to set in. Christmas is coming and there’s still lots to do! It’s like the story about the woman who was finishing up her Christmas to-do list when she realized she had forgotten to send out her annual Christmas cards. She still had time, so she rushed to the store and bought the first box of cards she could find. In record time, she had them signed, addressed, stamped, and off to the post office.

On Christmas day, when things had quieted down a little, she noticed that one of those last-minute cards had been left over. She picked it up and thought to herself, “I wonder what Christmas message I sent out to my friends and family this year?” Opening up the card, she stared unbelievingly at the cheerful words printed there: “This card is just a note to say… A little gift is on the way…”

May we all rest in the knowledge that the true gift of Christmas is on the way. Our job is simply to receive that gift – and share it with the world.