Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

If you attended 10:05 Worship this week (or have seen the post on our Facebook page) you were as blessed by our precious Heavenly Melodies group as the pastors for whom they sang. “Carry Your Candle” by Kathy Troccoli has long been a favorite of mine. As they sang, my mind went back to Infant Dedications, or time I’ve spent with them in the worship nursery, or helping their families become more familiar here.

This also occurred to me – Each of those youth chose to be involved with Heavenly Melodies. Their practice begins before Simple Supper on Wednesdays. They are using their gifts and talents to grow together in Christ, and bless us with song.

They are connected!!! Let’s follow the model they have set for us, and heed the words they sang. We each have a gift, a candle that should be a light for someone who needs the good news of Jesus! What way are we connected to the church, in addition to worship, that helps us use our gifts or share our talents?

Thank you, Heavenly Melodies, for the heartfelt tribute. On behalf of all who saw it, you brightened our world!