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The Real Deal

P.T. Barnum once said that, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Unfortunately, modern day scam artists have figured this out, too. When my daughter, Lauren, was about 10 years old she got her first email address – and right away received a job offer promising her easy riches. Apparently, she clicked on the email and got an immediate response. Out of the blue, I heard her say from the other room, “Oh no! I’ve got a job!”

I’ve learned to be suspicious of anything that claims to offer something for nothing. But not every announcement of good news is shady. For instance, Jeremiah said to the people of Israel that God would make a new covenant with his people. Later, Jesus came preaching, “The Kingdom of God is at hand – repent and believe in the Good News!”

I know there are many who are looking for some Good News in their lives right now. In a world that’s filled with scams and lies, God extends an offer of new life and hope no matter how badly you’ve been burned before – or how badly you’ve messed things up. It is the REAL DEAL and God is waiting for you to receive it.