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Transformed by the Summer

This summer, I had the honor to counsel at Chi-Rho camp at the Christian Conference Center in Newton, IA and it was an absolute blessing to see preteen and teenage campers share a way they have been conformed to the world and listen to them discuss how they have been transformed and could make a difference in their homes, at school and even in their church by making different choices to influence others. It reminded me of the movie Moana when she felt the need to conform to her Father’s wishes for her to remain on the island as a chief instead of listening to the “still voice inside” of her and transform into a courageous woman. When we are transformed by the Spirit there is a new connection to God taking place. A complete metamorphosis starts to take place. We become less selfish, discover a new outlook, and experience an attitude shift. Worries, doubts and fears start to diminish while the fruits of the Spirit increase. We are still in the same body but God makes us look completely different.