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Loving God

I was thinking how hard and how delightful parenting can be sometimes. I have to remind myself every so often that it’s always worth it even though it’s not always easy, or immediately gratifying. Often times, I can come home to time with the kids and it is a joyful and life-giving thing for me. And other times it feels like I have to kinda take a breath and remind myself to give my attention and energy to the moment at hand. And more often than not, I find joy, and life.

In our life with God we may find something similar. Where we have those moments with God so rich and so full of grace for our souls we’re filled up full. And sometimes, it may feel monotonous, or a little like work.

I remember a time in school when I realized I had to go to chapel. And really, I did not like chapel much at all. Something about the room, about the way they did worship felt too high and mighty. But I went and sat down in the pew for church a little begrudgingly. And pulled out the hymn book to frowningly join in the hymns. And at first it felt a little forced, a little like work. But by the time the third verse rolled around, my hardened heart was softened just a little bit. As I heard the words pouring from the lips of God’s people, as I myself lifted up my voice to God, I was slowly being reminded of God’s goodness and mercy for me. And by the end that time which began as work was a gift to my soul.

Our time at church can’t be all about “what am I gonna get out of it?” The old phrase, “I’m not being filled” is really more revealing of my own heart and soul than anything. The truth is, we come to worship, to give a little of ourselves to God. And at first, it may feel a little like work, we may feel like we’re not being filled. But just you wait. God softens hearts. And God most assuredly blesses those who love God with love and love some more.