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Use It!

I remember reading somewhere that one of the unexpected outcomes of the Korean and Vietnam Wars was a new understanding of the importance of physical therapy. When field hospitals were overrun by wounded soldiers, doctors weren’t able to allow those who had already undergone surgery to lay in bed. Going against the common practices of the time, they forced these soldiers to get up and moving much sooner – only to discover that they healed more quickly than those who were allowed to stay in bed.

If you’re of a certain age, you may have heard the phrase, “Use it or lose it.” The more active we are, the better we feel and the more active we can be. Sit down in an easy chair for too long and you might never get up again.

I believe this is also true for our spiritual lives. You can’t go to worship a few times a year, or leave your Bible safely on a bookshelf, and somehow expect that God is going to be a strong, guiding force in your life. We need to exercise those spiritual muscles, too. So, join us at First Christian as we seek every day to grow in faith and spiritual maturity.