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Our Wonderful Newsletter Ladies~

This is always the time of year I like to spotlight our wonderful Newsletter Ladies! If you’re not sure what our Newsletter Ladies do, let me help out. They are very dedicated, they show up week after week (unless I give them a week off due to holidays, etc.), they insert, fold, apply wafer seals, label and count for my accuracy…lol. They never complain and are always cheerful. They celebrate each other’s birthdays with a card and usually a treat. This ministry is one of a kind and I love each and every one of our ladies. I would be lost without them so, I spoil them by providing their coffee to each one’s specification.

May 9, 2018 we will be losing a wonderful Newsletter Lady due to her relocating her residence. Miss Shirley Leeson, will be relocating to Iowa City to be closer to family. Miss Shirley has been one of our special ladies since 2006, taking the seat of our late Lee Inskeep. Miss Shirley, we thank you, we will miss you and we most definitely love you.