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It’s the Little Things…Take II

Take II for the little things in life! Once upon a time when I would give “tours” of our building and our Fellowship Hall for use of outside events, turning off lights (among other things) are on the check off list.

I would show them where to place trash when done and where to find the new trash bags. I would show them where our cleaning supplies e.g. broom, mop, sink, soap where. Lastly, I would ask them to make sure all lights were turned off. Never made sense to me not having a light switch by the door you go out. Instead, they would have to go to the other side of the room or further down the kitchen wall to turn out the lights, leaving a dark room to leave.

Now, thanks to our handy man, Butch Hendricks, life was made so much easier. There is now a light switch by the ramp door in the Fellowship Hall. When you leave from there, the last thing to do is “flip the switch!”

Thank you, Building & Property Ministry, for hearing my request and thank you Butch for installing!
It’s the little things…take II.