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The Giants of This World

During this Lenten season, the 5th and 6th Grade youth group is working on being aware how often they say an extra prayer, do something before being asked and doing something kind, they normally wouldn’t do. A great story shared by a boy who stuck up for a girl when she was getting picked on by the other girls in his class said he normally wouldn’t have said anything because he would have been teased that he must like her, but his classmates didn’t say anything and the boy said, “I did something kind even though it was hard.”

We are asking our youth to stand up for those who get bullied. Sometimes, there will be a negative response, but it can also build confidence and create growth as they shine as vessels of light. The same can be true with standing up for our faith. There can be push-back, but as adults we should model this behavior to our kids. If they see us deny our faith when things get tough, they will learn to also retreat. Let’s strive to be role models to our children by standing against the giants of this world.