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Flu Happens…

This past Saturday, I was prepared to preach on Jesus’ parable about the man who goes to his friend’s house in the middle of the night to ask for bread. Little did I know that later that night I’d also be calling a friend in the middle of the night to ask for a favor.

In 35 years of ministry, I’ve never missed a Sunday due to illness. In fact, I was just bragging about that fact at my ministerial association meeting last week when another pastor shared that it had just happened to him. I don’t believe in knocking on wood, so I didn’t. But I could have been a bit humbler. Sometimes “flu happens.”

It’s probably been 10 years or more since I’ve had the real flu, so I forgot how hard and fast it can hit. As much as I would’ve liked to keep my record intact (and preach the sermon I’d prepared!), I decided to call Pastor Brian – and church went on without a hitch.

On the second day of Tamiflu and oral steroids, I’m feeling much better and so thankful for an amazing staff and understanding church. I look forward to seeing you all next week – God willing!