Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!


This past week I watched a video online of a Flash mob in the mall singing the Hallelujah Chorus. And it was, unexpectedly, a moving thing for me to hear and to watch. Shoppers, all milling about at the mall, doing their last minute Christmas shopping. And then over the hustle and bustle of the mall shopping come the sounds of the pipe organ from Handel’s Messiah. And then shoppers caught, unaware, singers break into “Hallelujah, hallelujah!”

It seems not unlike the shepherds, in the midst of the routine of their daily sheep watching, a choir of angels begins singing glory to God in the highest, Hallelujah.

In the hustle and bustle of our busy daily lives, this season and always, we have a God who breaks into this world, unexpectedly, with good news of great joy which is for all people! This is what God does. We have a God who reaches down to us, and in Jesus, gives us a big reason to give glory to God in the highest.

In these coming days, look for God in our midst. Look for those big and little ways that God is unexpectedly breaking into our world and our lives, and giving us a reason to sing Hallelujah. This is what God does! You can listen to the choir in the mall here- Hallelujah Chorus