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Old Friends

I’m writing my Last Word this week from a little lake cottage in Ohio that Tammy and I found on Airbnb. A Brethren seminary professor and her husband use the cottage for vacations and rent it out to travelers like us the rest of the time. It’s beautiful and actually cheaper than a budget motel. Plus, we got to meet some really nice people.

While we’re in Ohio, we will be visiting Tammy’s family and our kids in Dayton. After that, we’re going to drop down into Kentucky and visit the senior minister with whom I worked when I graduated from seminary in 1987. He was the same age I am now when I first got to know him. He and his wife look almost exactly like they did back then. I, on the other hand, look like I’m 30 years older!

I am looking forward to reconnecting with my mentor in ministry. But no matter how many miles or years intervene, I know there is one thing he and I will always share – an abiding love for God and for the church. I am blessed beyond words to know that is something I also share with all of you!