Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

Following Jesus

Last night, at the First Christian vs. First Christian softball extravaganza, our team t-shirts caught my attention. They say, “First Christian Followers.” In almost any other setting, being a follower is not considered a good thing. We hope our children grow up to be leaders, not followers. We like to think of ourselves as being independent – and not easily influenced by the crowd.

But being a follower of Jesus is a good thing. In fact, “follower” is just another word for “disciple.” Disciples of Christ are people who have given their lives to following and learning from Jesus. We take our example, and our lead, not from popular culture or from politicians, but from the man from Galilee.

As disciples of Jesus, we seek to learn all that we can from our master. And for the rest of the summer, we are going to be “Sitting at Jesus’ Feet.” Pastor Brian and I will be exploring key teachings of Jesus from the Gospel of Matthew in a sermon series dedicated to authentic discipleship.

The summer season often takes us away from worship – but may we never take a break from following Jesus. If you are able, join us at Jesus’ feet this weekend!