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Mom’s Favorite

For a long time, the church has operated under the assumption that, “if you build it they will come,” just like the quote from the great Iowa movie, “Field of Dreams.” But that isn’t how Jesus and the disciples did ministry. They went out into the world. They found lost and hurting people and shared God’s love with them. And I believe we are called to do the same.

With Mother’s Day coming up, an old quote came to mind. I think it may have originated with Susanna Wesley (the mother of the founder of Methodist Church, Charles Wesley). She was once asked in an interview if she loved one of her three children more than another. She said, “Yes. I love the child who is sick, I love the child who is farthest away, or I love the child who needs me the most.” Of course, that didn’t mean Susanna Wesley loved her other children any less. It just meant she knew where she needed to be focusing her love and attention at any given time.

Who in your life needs to hear about God’s healing power and love? Who might need an invitation to church? Now, go out and do it!