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Dry Ground

A while back I wrote about the plethora of worms on our church parking lot after the rain. Not long after, I arrived to work, opened the vehicle door and dried, icky looking worms were stuck to the pavement. Dehydrated worms must not be as sweet as dehydrated fruit, because no birds were flocking to the pavement on this morning, hoping for the first chance at the worm buffet!

Is this us? When life is good and blessings seem abundant do we mistakenly feel like that’s the only time God’s at work in our lives? Do we then “take a break” from God because life is good and we don’t see the “need” and then don’t understand why we find ourselves dry and parched and stuck in the valleys of life?

Devotions, sharing the Good News with others, prayer time, doing something for others because it’s what Jesus would have done are all ways to keep us fresh and filled for this journey we call life.

Lucky for us, if we find ourselves a little stuck, lost in a life that feels like we are wandering aimlessly we still have hope! While we still have breath, we can move ourselves from the dry ground to the fields of grace God can provide! I love the song that begins with the line, “Come, just as you are….” It’s a reminder to me that no matter the messes I make in my life, or trials I face, or even my attitude on a particular day, God looks at me, at each of us, and invites us back into fullness, hope, grace and love. Today, just as you are – you are invited to take a step away from dry ground.