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You Are Not Alone

I have many friends and family members who are introverts. They need their time alone in order to be healthy and happy. But even the biggest introverts I know also recognize the need for community.

In terms of health, being disconnected is one the worst possible things you can do. It turns out that people who have bad health habits, but who still remain connected, live longer than people who have great health habits but are disconnected. For example, Winston Churchill was famously unhealthy but deeply connected to his family and community. Churchill ate, smoke and drank too much and was almost completely sedentary, but he lived to be nearly 90 years old. Somebody asked him, “Mr. Churchill do you ever exercise?” He replied, “The only exercise I get is serving as a pallbearer for my friends who died while they were exercising.”

One church I was reading about took this information so seriously that when they decided to start a small group ministry, their slogan was “Join a small group… or die.” That may be a little blunt – but there’s a lot of truth in it.

Join us regularly for worship, study, and fellowship – the life you save might be your own!